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  1. Da mi je ovo cudo, da oteram na neki tehnicki i placem od smeha:
  2. The strongest Gelandewagen from 1985 would have had a 2.8-liter inline-six cylinder with just 156 horsepower on tap. In order to keep up with Porsche's sand-dominating supercar, the team installed a 1986 European 928S 4.7-liter V8, which almost exactly doubled that horsepower number, rated from the factory at 310 horses. It is because of this swap that the Mercedes became known as the "Porsche im Schafspelz" or "Porsche in sheep's clothing". 1985 Paris - Dakar
  3. Another spectacular document that collects four great drivers of his time. In this photo, taken in Croatia, through these men can be counted a good number of victories in Rallies, Hill Climb and other races. On the left is Mladen Novak with Autodelta's Alfa Romeo 1300 GTA Junior, which is a chassis that belonged to Gianluigi Picchi. These cars came into use when the 2.0 liter class was phased out in the 1976 championship. In the middle are Velimir Nekic and Drago Macukic on the Abarth 1000 that bears the Stolli Racing name. This was a well-known driver who also managed a racing parts store in the capital of Trieste, in Italy. In the 70s, this car had taken center stage in Yugoslavian races, where at the end of the decade it came to compete in Group 2 with a 1.1 liter engine. On the right is Nikola Rudelic with another 1300 with whom he participated in the Yugoslavian Championship in Class 5 and was recognized as another of the great drivers of that time. There were two especially well-known 1300 chassis, the #AR776089 "Yellow Nose", destroyed by Spartaco Dini in the 1972 Monza 4 Hours and the #AR775813 "Orange Nose" chassis which is still in Italy.
  4. Posle kazu Pancevci najgori vozaci Sreca nisu krenuli na more sa njim, razbili bi ga kod Ralje negde
  5. https://www.kurir.rs/crna-hronika/3660711/prvi-snimci-s-mesta-stravicne-nesrece-kod-glogonja-audi-smrti-se-prepolovio-od-kola-nije-ostalo-nista-poginula-2-mladica


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